Jean-Luc, who is French, and Denise,
who is American, are one of those "we
met on the internet" couples! After chatting,
e-mailing, and sending wav files, snail mails, cards, and digital photos, they graduated to telephone calls. The first of those was pretty hilarious, since they could hardly understand each other. So, for the second phone call,
Jean-Luc spoke English and Denise spoke French and, with a lot simpler vocabulary, they found they could communicate truly better.

They fell in love. Then, finally, Denise flew to the south of France, where Jean-Luc was living at the time. They knew immediately that they wanted to be married and began filling out all the forms and compiling all the documentation that the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) requires for a K-1 fiancé visa.

married married. And it was a great wedding -- the ceremony was in both French and English, with lots of great music by all of Denise's musician friends. Jean-Luc's parents were even able to fly to the USA for this event. The reception was a Mexican buffet, complete with sombreros and serapes. And the cake was French, of course -- a pièce montée made of miniature cream puffs stuck together with caramel and surrounded by lots of other delicious pastries that had all 150 guests salivating as they waited to descend on it.

Now the happy couple is delightedly living in their new apartment and enjoying all their varied artistic pursuits -- which you can read about by clicking on Jean-Luc, Denise, or Pottery!

A year and a half later, in October
2001, they were finally able to get