Both Denise and Jean-Luc paint the fired bisque in a variety of patterns. One of their earliest techniques they call "dots-on-dots". This adds both color and texture to the design.

Another of their painting techniques uses special glazes containing minerals to give added depth.

On some pieces, they combine different painting techniques. Denise used sponging, stencils, and dots-on-dots to paint the pieces in her set of Stars and Moons dishes.


Both Jean-Luc and Denise enjoy working with greenware (unfired clay), because the possibilities for creating things are endless.

Sometimes a design is too elaborate to be made in greenware and has to be carved from a piece that has been bisque-fired first. Jean-Luc does all of our bisque carving, using two different power tools and several drill bits to produce varied designs, textures, and geometric patterns.